Employer Handbook 0

  • Weather you hire a CEO, CFO or a developer. Ask the new hire to work with line of business for 3 weeks and 3 weeks for technical and application support teams.
  • Review and control what line of business’ priorities, and verify. This is the world where everyone has their hidden agenda.
  • Rotating leadership, responsibilities etc., at least once a year. Let the dictators in the organization know what they are, and kill hypocrisy.
  • Always encourage craftsmanship, and hire people smarter then you.
  • Stay in touch with lowest level of people (have one-o-one with them), realize the facts, communication is oxygen. Pyramid styled organization is just like playing the telephone game (aka Chinese whispers). Higher job grade is just for a bigger paycheck. Any employer must have time to save their company from becoming a toxic workplace. Engage and appreciate the people who actually do the work, not just the managers.
  • Evaluate performance evaluation matrices.
  • Always try to find out the diversity of the professional talent at your disposal. You’ll have employees who live like a frog in the well and want to stay in their comfort zone, but they know their well like no other, and you’d also have employees with widespread experience, you need both Continue reading Employer Handbook 0

Screen Recording: VLC

I have used CamStudio, and I am happy with it but, there are times when we have to make the most of what is available. I started using VLC for screen capturing, because it helps me to avoid yet another software program on my computer on my computer and, VLC also lets me choose file formats to save my recording to.

Here are the steps:

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[Windows] Install Open CV: ~10 min!


  1. Tested on: Windows 7, Windows 10
  2. There could be other ways to get Open CV working on your Windows computer

Before installation

  1. Find you OS architecture
  2. Decide the Python version (e.g. 2.7 or 3.x)
  3. Install Anaconda, open terminal as administrator and , Continue reading [Windows] Install Open CV: ~10 min!

IsClose() in python

This post tries to answer whether given numbers are comparatively close to each other. This can help if you are using Python for data science or in the area of computer vision doing computing with images. A quick stack-overflow search shows discussion around finding “nearest” value from a set of given values for any given number [1] [2] [3]. However, there could be a need to limit how much further the nearest number could be. I’d call this limit a “threshold”.

Quite a few times, in my Python (esp. in computer vision related) programming I come across scenarios when I want to tell if the two numbers are close to each other. Some might ask, “Well define close!?” or “How close?”, well … comparatively close.

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numpy.argmin() alternative

While there are some interesting conversations about numpy.argmin() function’s performance (e.g. here, here and here), Continue reading numpy.argmin() alternative

Python Numpy count elements

As you already know, in order to calculate non-zero elements in your np array, you can use numpy.count_nonzero. But how about 0? How about an expression? Well, Continue reading Python Numpy count elements

Python reverse and splice a tuple

C# Split CSV string



Stackoverflow post: