Fix modified date from file-name

The other day, while I was working on my star trail photography album and vacation pictures, I accidently updated all files’ modification time incorrectly. Whoops! For some reason, the “undo” was not a choice. And without proper chronological sequence, there was no way, my post image processing software was going to give me the exact star trail picture. After you chase weather for weeks, and work-out details like a perfect clear sky, no air planes and spend almost entire night in winter taking really long exposure pictures, this not even the last thing you want to happen. What a mess!

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Parsing XML with special characters

Here’s the problem w/ YouTube API’s TOS

Thoughts on YouTube TOS (II. Prohibitions):

YouTube JavaScript API

A quick blog post, just spent few minutes after YouTube JavaScript API v3. Currently this is just a skeleton which queries some public data, without using OAuth 2.0, and just a Browser API Key.

YouTube .NET API

Who Moved My Cheese?

Python: PIL (Pillow) & Numpy intersect images

Input images used :

1.png C.png

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Python: PIL ( Pillow ) & NumPy add images

Pillow (PIL) and NumPy libraries can do wonders in Python! I had once he requirement to overlap two images – not watermarking.

I found several alternatives, but curious to see which would work best.

  1. (x+y)/2 … Mathematically, x/2+y/2 seems equivalent to above, but it is not. We’d be loosing a ton of info by doing so!
  2. Numpy.minimum((x+y),256)
  3. final = (x+y/2) and then addition = addition[addition>256]=256
  4. Pillow’s Image.blend(x,y,0.5)
  5. Pillow’s Image.composite(x,y,y)

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