What’s Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? from E*D Films (Daniel Gies) on Vimeo.


https://youtu.be/MlbAWEwmQhA (2 minutes)

Intro: What is a WebSockket?
https://youtu.be/hEA2jSRx2EM?t=20s (2 minutes)

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CSS Grids

https://youtu.be/7kVeCqQCxlk (30 minutes)

https://youtu.be/H3LRtAm2SOo (16 minutes)


https://youtu.be/k32voqQhODc (30 minutes)

https://youtu.be/JJSoEo8JSnc (20 minutes)


https://youtu.be/IM8eTD01UE8 (45 minutes)

CSS Regions


https://youtu.be/SEdC2V9TTYs (1 minute)

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AngularJS Tools

According to a sendesignz.com post

Read/Write Large XML Files

Up to certain extent the performance quite depends on .NET version your application is running on.

Another quick reference is Microsoft Patterns and Practices article

There’re 4 ways to read and write XML

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