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Parsing XML with special characters


Python: PIL (Pillow) & Numpy intersect images

Input images used :

1.png C.png

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Python: PIL ( Pillow ) & NumPy add images

Pillow (PIL) and NumPy libraries can do wonders in Python! I had once he requirement to overlap two images – not watermarking.

I found several alternatives, but curious to see which would work best.

  1. (x+y)/2 … Mathematically, x/2+y/2 seems equivalent to above, but it is not. We’d be loosing a ton of info by doing so!
  2. Numpy.minimum((x+y),256)
  3. final = (x+y/2) and then addition = addition[addition>256]=256
  4. Pillow’s Image.blend(x,y,0.5)
  5. Pillow’s Image.composite(x,y,y)

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Python: find most common element from list of lists

I took a swing at answering a question on StackOverflow, albeit I liked the accepted answer better than mine. But Continue reading Python: find most common element from list of lists

Python : sort int list based on another

This post discusses how to custom sort one list in python based on the order of elements of another list.

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Python: Find closest from given dictionary values

Objective: I have a dictionary, and a float value. I would like to sort the dictionary in such a way that, first key-value pair’s value is nearest (min absolute difference) to a given float value, and last would be the farthest (max absolute difference)

C# String Extension & Helper Methods

I enjoyed spending some time after creating some very useful (at least to me 😛 ) C# helper functions for string operation. So here is the gist of it Continue reading C# String Extension & Helper Methods

Python: Compare Dictionaries