C# Split CSV string



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C# String Extension & Helper Methods

I enjoyed spending some time after creating some very useful (at least to me 😛 ) C# helper functions for string operation. So here is the gist of it Continue reading →

C# String Perf Take # 2 ( Accused : IsNullOrEmpty() )

String is a reference type. The IsNullOrEmpty is used to check weather string reference is null (null) or contains any data (empty string). According to MSDN :

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Quickly convert Comma Separated Values to Dictionary

If you are getting some sort of CSV let’s say some sort of configurations or data object or whatever the case may be, my strategy is : “If you can not deserialize ’em, structure ’em !”

And here is one of the possible scenario :


If you’re dealing with more complex scenario, you might wanna consider using Tuple or Jagged Tuple ! ( What is it ? )

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Remove strings between double quotes

How many times you have to bullet proof your application against some bad or junk data ? Sometimes we might not have anticipated some scenario until quite a while. And this can quite possible if your application relies on some other program ( data from web service, some sort of incoming XML or something like that )

Well LINQ is your friend !

Just a heads up :

Going forward I shall try to maintain all string manipulation related posts ALSO under ‘string-manipulation‘ tag, just if that helps you drill down the content better. Cheers ! 😉

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Quickly Clean-up Blank lines from a multi-line String

Scenario : At the time of consuming data from another application or program, one of the frequent issue is data in and data out ! I was working for similar scenario the other day where a flat was generated and then another program had lexical parser and would generate tokens etc. Long story short, in a typical workflow we had blank lines and they were causing issue. Very simple issue … once this stupid thing is identified and verified being the actual culprit !

Let’s take a look :

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Below are some code snippets / recipes that I have had prepared for myself and I thought of sharing with ya’ll as a firs post in C# category. If you do not find one that you are looking for or want more, just drop me a request or comment below, I’d try to address the request.

Example Description Download
Global Variables in C# Different scenarios as your requirement and need zip
Text to SQL Server Read a text file and insert all records in SQL Server. zip
Update combobox items according to selection of column-name in other combobox zip
MySQL(SQL Server) To MsAccess Copy table of Ms-Access from the data of the MySQL zip
(Basic) Reading Ms-Excel spreadsheets Reading data from Excel sheets using C# zip
Updating Ms-Excel spreadsheets Updating data of Excel sheets using C# zip
Accessing .config file The app.config can be used to access some setings (like conn string) anywhere in the project zip
MySQL (SQL Server) database to CSV Convert record set from MySQL query to csv file zip
String Delimiter Various illustrations in a single project, demonstrating ways to use the String.Split() function zip
Date – Times Gets the beginning and ending dates of

  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • Last 6 Months
  • This Year
  • Last 3 Years
Update/Delete CSV Here is the work around for Updating / Deleting records from CSV, which usually is just a file IO operation otherwise zip
json json in C# using JSON .NET & LINQ zip
json serialization serialization/de-serialization of json zip
Stateful iterations By using yield keyword, difference b/w IEnumerable and IEnumerator zip