Here’s the problem w/ YouTube API’s TOS

Thoughts on YouTube TOS (II. Prohibitions):


Who Moved My Cheese?


Muttitasking is a myth, The only type of multi tasking I know is to think about a problem and then to sleep ! Many of the times I hear people talking, “I can multi task” well most of the times it actually is not it, but just “task switching”. You know it probably is 3:30 pm and you’re so deep and concentrated on your task, coding, designing, reading, planning whatever may it be, and then all of a sudden your phone rings, if you notice carefully, you’re dumping the thought process of your current task and answering the call, ( chances are less that you’d continue “multi tasking” and you’d be doing both them well ! ) What could you’ve done ? You could’ve probably asked your phone to keep mum !

The way I start my day is I ask my self what N ( = 3 ) things I want to accomplish today ? Then visualize those things getting accomplished, just imagine, how good would I feel if these N things get done today. Then what I do ?  Continue reading →

Employer Handbook 0

  • Weather you hire a CEO, CFO or a developer. Ask the new hire to work with line of business for 3 weeks and 3 weeks for technical and application support teams.
  • Review and control what line of business’ priorities, and verify. This is the world where everyone has their hidden agenda.
  • Rotating leadership, responsibilities etc., at least once a year. Let the dictators in the organization know what they are, and kill hypocrisy.
  • Always encourage craftsmanship, and hire people smarter then you.
  • Stay in touch with lowest level of people (have one-o-one with them), realize the facts, communication is oxygen. Pyramid styled organization is just like playing the telephone game (aka Chinese whispers). Higher job grade is just for a bigger paycheck. Any employer must have time to save their company from becoming a toxic workplace. Engage and appreciate the people who actually do the work, not just the managers.
  • Evaluate performance evaluation matrices.
  • Always try to find out the diversity of the professional talent at your disposal. You’ll have employees who live like a frog in the well and want to stay in their comfort zone, but they know their well like no other, and you’d also have employees with widespread experience, you need both Continue reading →