https://youtu.be/k32voqQhODc (30 minutes)

https://youtu.be/JJSoEo8JSnc (20 minutes)



https://youtu.be/IM8eTD01UE8 (45 minutes)

CSS Regions


https://youtu.be/SEdC2V9TTYs (1 minute)

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AngularJS Tools

According to a sendesignz.com post

YouTube JavaScript API

A quick blog post, just spent few minutes after YouTube JavaScript API v3. Currently this is just a skeleton which queries some public data, without using OAuth 2.0, and just a Browser API Key.

YouTube .NET API


kendo ui (core)

Recently, I came to know that the free and open-source distribution of Kendo UI news also ships AngularJS with it.

FYI : Kendo UI core now ships with Apache 2 license and not GPL.

We all know that Kendo UI is a full front-end framework. That means that it has all of the UI widgets. And I had been using Kendo with MVC in the past. The trend has been changed a bit fellas ! Since few months, I had been working on Web API, MVC, bootstrap and AngularJS — pretty popular stack now a days. Anywhere you need a page, use a MVC controller and views, whereas for CRUD operations basically one may use Web API controllers ( async calls ) with HTTP verbs.

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