[4/4] Docker: Front-end development w/ Java, SpringBoot MVC & RESTful Web API

Today we are going to talk about adding front end user interface to our application, from scratch. We can add the front end to our application using something called view resolvers. Our options are Apache Tiles, JavaServer Pages (JSP), etc. there are many other options, as well. Spring Boot supports FreeMarker templates, Groovy Templates and Themyleaf via “AutoConfiguration”, as the first class citizens. As the name suggests, we should not need to do a whole lot to get going with one of these. In this video we would be looking at Thymeleaf. I find it easy to use and feature rich at the same time. Thymeleaf is mostly HTML. Finally, we will talk about Web JARs & How to add Branding to our web application, using responsive web design. Continue reading →


AngularJS Tools

According to a sendesignz.com post


https://youtu.be/k32voqQhODc (30 minutes)

https://youtu.be/JJSoEo8JSnc (20 minutes)


https://youtu.be/IM8eTD01UE8 (45 minutes)

CSS Regions


https://youtu.be/SEdC2V9TTYs (1 minute)

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YouTube JavaScript API

A quick blog post, just spent few minutes after YouTube JavaScript API v3. Currently this is just a skeleton which queries some public data, without using OAuth 2.0, and just a Browser API Key.

YouTube .NET API